How It works

1  Take sweet pictures!

2  Upload them to the web

3  Enjoy!

Questions & Feedback

We appreciate your feedback and questions; it's the way we can make DreamStream work best for you!
Adding Photos from my iPhone's Camera Roll one by one can be very tedious
We know:( There is a limitation with the Cocoa Touch framework that does not allow us let you choose more than one image at a time from the Camera Roll or other albums on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Getting Started

Adding Photo Sources

1) Go to Settings

2) Tap Photos

3) Tap the plus button

4) Select photo service

5) Add needed info and Save

Adding Weather

1) Go to Settings

2) Tap Weather

3) Tap the plus button

4) Type in a location

What are RSS Photo Feeds?

RSS is a way to distribute news, headlines, and other content throughout the Internet. RSS photo feed technology helps you stay up to date with the new photos you're interested in. DreamStream allows you to subcribe to photo feeds from services that are based on RSS like, Flickr, MobileMe, and Windows Live FrameIt.

What are Flickr Tags?

Flickr is a photo service that lets users upload photos and label them with keyword tags. Type any word you're interested in seeing photos of into DreamStream, and Flickr returns any photos that have that word tagged on them. This can be a really great way to view different types of photos.

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